Sunday, February 20, 2005


At Mike's. To introduce Dave to bagels and bagel holes. It reminded me of my first bagel at a Leo brunch when I too first arrived in NYC courtesy MoMA.

We talk about First Pitch of course. Who else: Mirra, Vic, Jan, Kathleen, Naomi, Craig, Sally, Emily. Before I know it Mike has turned into a film shoot. Good thing we got Dave's camera charging and nice to have a worldclass cinematographer like Vic to do some of it. Dave to start his B-Crew videography too. So how did baseball come to Manipur, really? Mirra wants to save that and have it unfold in the film. She is now the director all right. And what's the problem in these nether regions? A jawbreaker but I gave it the good college try, camera rolling.

So many good ideas, so much contribution: contacts at Sundance, possibilities for vernacular architecture, builders of ballparks. Scary, gratifying, frustrating, exciting to hear everyone thinks this project should be a winner. Emily sharply notes its angle on the conflict in the eastern Himalayas.

The film is on.

(Sheepish note: Locked myself out of the baseball blog. Forgot the friggin' password. So repasted the first and only entry there over here.)