Saturday, December 31, 2005

ON BASEBALL: Bob had been maced and mugged in Red Hook the night before. But he gamely made it to the Cafe La Fortuna. I didn't know John and Yoko hung out there. Charming that they sat there writing under the framed pictures of opera stars.

First time I had actually thought through the baseball ballpark idea. Out loud. My baseball folks probably won’t get it or find it very interesting but Bob followed me I think. That I am for creating a new framework I find a better fit; activation not preservation, the use of information and media technology. For me, tthe ballpark is much more than a chain link fence around a playing green; I want to create a new architecture. The elements are all there: the shaman rituals, the geomancy, the materials, the need, and the use. All we need to do it to chart and shepherd an organic process.

Bob's work has mostly been in unbuilt architectural competitions. Interesting work in Hungary, NYC, Barcelona. He has ideas and works solo. But the more we talked the less the idea of an architectural competition like May suggested seemed the way to go. I should find a way to retain the PR value.

Perhaps a multidisciplinary approach based in an educational institution? Language, Literature, Religion, Anthropology, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Bob seemed to like the idea. But perhaps more Middlebury rather than Cooper Union? I like the idea of Middlebury, esp. with World Learning being nearby too.

If not Vermont, then who?