Sunday, July 08, 2012

I bought a touristy Paddington Bear tee at Paddington station since I was caught the train to Charlbury there. I am resigned to claiming [panda]beardom instead of trying to keep off weight. Oh and I forgot to pack tees... packing for 3 different climate/weather conditions is trying.

I am in the Cotswolds - very nice and hushed here what with Rebekah Brooks somewhere near by if she isn't in prison yet. And Belinda thought she saw Samantha Cameron (it's her hubby's constituency and they have a home here too somewhere) at the Queen Mother Trophy game we went to today. The sun came out nicely. How manicured and carefully tended England is. It only makes me sad for my country.

Anyway, the Cirencester Park Polo Club may actually send their team next year for the CCC. Yes, I think the CC Tournament need a Cup. Maybe wooden like the Queen Mother trophy. What English cheek. Must be the brothers' doing when they decided to award this for their gran.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

LONDON July 6: Lovely time with Judith and Kat over 6 different English pies at Fuller's. And stilton and port to finish up. I like English food and I don't care what anyone says. And of course their beer. I had London Pride, fittingly. Mick Jagger is on in the background. He sounds a little different in London somehow, singing about Knightsbridge and all. Which is round the corner from here I think.

Kat thinks she might take it on when she leaves the BBC. I think it should be her story then. After all it was her ancestors, just one generation removed, who killed and got killed by mine as described in the idea I have. I told her it has to be a lighthearted look at some really blood thirsty behavior - shoot in London in November, prep in Jan (and then take the team with Judith, Belinda and Jeremy in the Spring. Judith says there's a Michael somewhere there who she has not met who is reputedly the family genealogist. And not to forget David and that Billy Bunter-ish cousin.

Judith and I talk about other things. She is a sixties person, and I like her. I think we share the same worldview and quite down to earth despite two interesting and famous lineages. Then Kat and I turn to each other. I say, I have been thinking...So have I, she says, with a knowing look.

We may be on to something.