Monday, November 09, 2009


Francis Fukuyama's “the end of history” is so deliciously counter-intuitive, it deserves some sort of award for advertising and copy-writing for whoever came up with it, whether Fukuyama himself or his editor, book designer or marketer.

If it means "the disappearance of any enduring, existential threat to liberal democracy and free-market capitalism" (since I have not read the book) it sounds like it is at the other end of the spectrum from Mao's response to Kissinger when the latter asked what he thought of the French Revolution: "It is too early to tell."

While I am not enough of a seer, or lack the intellectual strength, or hubris as you will, to play academic "what-if" parlor games, one thought did strike me when I was visiting China in 2003 at the height of Dubya-Rove rule in the US. And that is that China had the model for Rove's then dream for a permanent Republican Party majority for all eternity, was it?

The Chinese model is One Political Party and Unbridled Capitalist Economy with Kickbacks to Said Political Party. I don't know if it falls within the Fukuyaman human-society-in-amber-for-all-perpetuity model but it was working well, and there was little of Liberal Democracy that I noticed there. And the party was "Communist". Ah, irony.

It brings to mind Ralph Nader explaining to his father he was working to establish a Third Party, and the old codger shot back that he would be happy to see a Second. Ah, Dads.

Friday, November 06, 2009

baseball is like modern dance - an arena of men running around in tights.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Dems posted losses this week and the results are fascinating. Not so much on the Republican side which is basically how to get enough zombies off their couches to vote for the Rich. But fascinating for what is means for the Democrats and for the US in general.

To me, one aspect is that the results once again indicate the destruction of and the inability of the Dems to resurrect the alliance of youth, middle-to-low-incomes, ethnic and sexual minorities, women, labor, greens and immigrants that is the natural base of the Democrats.

In choosing between Obama and Hillary, the Dems chose a reassuring billboard ad over a bulkier, balkier resume. This effectively replaced the traditional alliance with a Weberian charismatic leadership model that is traditionally associated with less developed countries, but with an American flavor of messianic religiosity. Therefore Larry Sabato makes a good point when he asks if the 08 victory came with the turnout of Obamacrats who cared little about the Democrat party. Their cult is an American one, worshipping at the altar of Youth, Laptops and the Cool.

In America, for better or for worse, Obama has become the new black.