Saturday, November 29, 2003

Thanksgiving Dinner was at Zette‘s.

Harvested some begonias from the backyard for the table. They will die soon - except of course the two Kohei took with him back to Tokyo. Bennet's bf David? did such as great job with them the other day at their DUMBO dinner party I assured Zette; but of course these gay boys are like Martha Stewart on testosterone. D might even be on steroids he did such a beautiful job with the dinner table and the food.

A did a good job with the begonias too and she actually used the lovely fall leaves Tim picked up from the yard and threw in when he came by to drop off pics before going over to ex Chris's for Thanksgiving dinner.

Took my new blueberry tart, the new one that rocks. Herewith the recipe:

Update: SIR Mick Jaggery Blueberry Tart...

Cadge homemade pastry dough from Mom B
Roll out pastry dough to fit ramikin dish from IKEA (circa E.)
Rub ramikin bottom and sides with stick of butter
Dust with flour
Lay pastry dough on bottom; mend tears as necessary (very necessary)
Wash blueberries (also cadged from Mom B’s freezer)
Take ball of jaggery from Kolkata (also circa E.)
Grate ball of jaggery
Give up; jaggery too sticky
End up adding little lumps of jaggery to blueberries
Add some regular sugar just in case
Lay out blueberries on pastry dough
Spot top with small lumps of butter
Call T and ask what degree to heat oven
Heat to 350
Bake for 30 min

Nice nice. J and K showed up. Their daughter A wants to get married by a Tibetan lama so I promised to help find one. After she has her baby of course. And old neighbors A and D with their daughter E, my favorite cookie baker.

Discussed my Far East Village TV series idea with M. She will find out from her friend (do I know his NYU Prof bf? The one I could not for the life of me remember? This could be so embarrassing…) how they are seen back home. Envy? Resentment? Admiration? Disgust? Will relay back to K and see if his colleague at NHK might be interested.