Monday, May 24, 2004

Ima talked about fashion this morning. I videotaped her, making sure we closed all the doors so that only the roosters crowing at 4 AM came through on the soundtrack. Aural ambiance I say. We have to finish this in an hour before the milkmaid comes, yelling for attention. Her mother was the milkmaid before her and remembers me as a child. Ima is very fond of the young milkmaid and gives her cosmetics!

The fashion show we went to the other day was what started this discussion. She turned out to be the Chief Guest – how she longs to be just an invitee without have this status conferred on her! She says it makes it impossible to leave early when she is tired or has had enough. The show was interminable but what a hoot. Runway and all. And some gorgeous models, sashaying down the little catwalk like supermodels. Global TV has done its job! Ima’s admonitions about the incorporations of Manipuri traditional fashion into the new struck chords from all the applause it gathered. She thinks baring navel is fine, but why do phaneks have to be worn low when they ride up at the back of the heels, obscuring the embroidered border, she asked?

I too, it must be noted, had my day on TV then of course. Mr. Somi from NYC giving the younger generations POV. I had to stop myself from giggling when I answered that Manipuri models are JUST as fine as New York’s best! Got much applause and call from TV watchers the next day.

Anyway, Ima’s memories of popularizing Moirang Phee borders, so ubiquitous now, as well as that infernal sari Phee'in makes her a progenitor if current fashion. Who would have guessed? I knew the drag actresses follow her fashions sense. But would the average dowdy salarywoman in Sari Phee'in attire know who had started it all?

Tamo Joykumar came with three renditions of Phou Woibee. He wrote RICE QUEEN in English as well. Ami I naughty or what! Hee hee.

I don’t know which I like better: the young pretty rendition or the older one with the broader more Meitei looking nose. The writing is cockeyed. I think it adds charm to the logo.

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