Sunday, July 25, 2004

Finally met C h r i s for coffee today. The usual dinner at 66 and broadway. Love being able to say I have an agent - and with ICM too! Haha.

Nice guy. i like him. C o n c o r d, M a s s. He's lost weight so we talked gym and I had tons of advice. He's working on a diet book. Turns out he did submit the proposal to NatGeo so I need to follow up with J e n n y. I also talked to him about my baseball = I think if we can get someone like R u s t y S t a u b on, as M i k e suggests, we can make something of this mets thing.

Dashed down to Chelsea to meet K a t h y and R o b e r t o. I think they finally got it that i am pissed I missd the deadline for the C P B. my NY projects barely budged in my absence. You want something done, you have to do it it seems. At least not until I am powerful enought to take meeiting in my bathrobe. Hehe.

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