Saturday, January 15, 2005


A lovely clear day. The view from Zette's loft was great.

It took some doing to get people all in one place but until we have a presentation more formally, this will have to do. Actually, more fun. Elaine, Roberto sans Kathy, Steven showed up.

Plus the local Manipuri boys: Nick, Rajeshwar, Babloo, and a new guy, Deepak - a thorough gentleman. I feel it an essential part of my projects to get the Manipuri guys here involved and kept abreast. I want their thoughts, their enthusiasm. Most importantly, I want them to know where I am coming from as I go about reframing Manipur. Is this egoistic and delusional I wonder? But I can't think of anything that interests me more. I realize this is going to be a slow process but it sure helps to have smart guys to talk to.

Yoshiko whipped up a wonderful Japanese lunch. I saw her unedited footage of Manipur. Fascinating. Her take is always unconventional but it invariably leaves me with a new, richer point of view. I meet few people who do that to me.

I showed the baseball film. Big hit.

Yoshiko says she does not like that kind of structured filmmaking. I see her point. Not being an artist who need a safe, secure place for creative exploration, I can appreciate both approaches.

Mike comes late. Downtown is always a bit of a problem for her to get to.

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