Tuesday, November 01, 2005

M&M: To the Old Bazar with Maria

Maria and I crossed the old stone bridge into the poorer Albanian part of town. Gypsies strewn along the way. Smoky kebab stalls on either side of the twisty, cobbled streets. Not quite yet the tourist haunt this may well become. I suppose it depends on how the Islamic schools do their job. Money comes in from the Arab countries I am told and trouble is brewing. But for now, there is mere suspicion and hostility but at (the contested) 35% of the population, the Albanian problem has spilled into Skopje from Kosovo, from Greece and of course from Albania itself.

Bought a Tito-era army surplus jacket whose multiple pockets, if not the cartridge holders, will come in useful on the flight back. And a woven leather bracelet that looks like a cock-ring for Kieran.

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