Monday, August 28, 2006


I called Ima tonight to make sure she wasn't too unhappy and anxious about her new book. Finally got across the idea she can go ahead to make a mock-up with the low-res scans I left for her.

What jazzed her up even more was my suggestion that the Cheitharol Kumbaba be restarted. She will check with Pabung Khelchandra to see if I am right in thinking it was stopped in 1955. She will also meet with Leisemba - the historians must be his appointees and it matters less whether it is well written and more that it is his perpective. We are agreed in this. And that he should be given very definite, specific tasks as his issues are immense.

Also I suggested that Oja and she should get Leisemba to start the 3 loisangs again and to get the Pranalika registry back from Oja Kulachandra's son.

My reason for this, at least what I admit to? That when I conceptualize my international Manipur projects, I want the distinctive features so key to my framing to be in existence. Ima agreed it is perfectly fine to have a gap in the Scapegoat Chronicles, as in times of war. Rather this than nothing. It is so lame to say something wonderful is no longer around. Plus I'd rather my projects did more than mrely present and entertain. They must reactivate, contribute, change.

Maybe I will also get to be the Scapegoat after all! I didn't remind her of my idea about this that time we were driving back from Nabadwip in 2000.

She will write an article.

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