Friday, June 01, 2007


Heard back from David Zurick: "The term "Southeastern Himalaya" is fine to describe the region you are working with. More specifically, the mountains you refer to are the "Naga Hills" and "Manipur Hills" in Manipur. They are northern extensions of the Arakan Mountains in Myanmar."

So I replied: " I was beginning to refer to the mountain ranges we speak of as the Evelyns in honor of my colleague Evelyn Knight at UK who first used the term Southeastern Himalaya in her search to help people situate the area in their mental geography.... It is one of the more exciting parts of the [DigitizeManipur] venture that we discover the need for new terminology and nomenclature as this grows into an exercise in re-mapping... Language and linguistics seem to be a major foundation in our venture and so does geography, before one gets into the usual suspects (and somewhat suspect, I suspect) fields
of history, sociology and politics."

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