Saturday, July 07, 2012

LONDON July 6: Lovely time with Judith and Kat over 6 different English pies at Fuller's. And stilton and port to finish up. I like English food and I don't care what anyone says. And of course their beer. I had London Pride, fittingly. Mick Jagger is on in the background. He sounds a little different in London somehow, singing about Knightsbridge and all. Which is round the corner from here I think.

Kat thinks she might take it on when she leaves the BBC. I think it should be her story then. After all it was her ancestors, just one generation removed, who killed and got killed by mine as described in the idea I have. I told her it has to be a lighthearted look at some really blood thirsty behavior - shoot in London in November, prep in Jan (and then take the team with Judith, Belinda and Jeremy in the Spring. Judith says there's a Michael somewhere there who she has not met who is reputedly the family genealogist. And not to forget David and that Billy Bunter-ish cousin.

Judith and I talk about other things. She is a sixties person, and I like her. I think we share the same worldview and quite down to earth despite two interesting and famous lineages. Then Kat and I turn to each other. I say, I have been thinking...So have I, she says, with a knowing look.

We may be on to something.

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