Friday, September 26, 2003

I need lights! Must get more Christmas lights. It was so dark out in the yard no-one could see anything. I mean the candles and the antique lamps on trees were fairy-twinkly and all but they didn't do much when it can to seeing what was being served!

Three kinds of dumplings - Chidu liked my "Do you like dumpling? I dunno. I never dumpled" ref. - served with pomegranate sauce, miso soup, steamed watercress, tofu. Nice, nice, nice. Couldn't have done it without Tomiyo's help. She's the only person I know who is a good cook AND a good baker. Anyway, everyone showed except that Foreign Ministry guy. Don't know him so I can't say I missed him. But Mickey came and finally met up with Hope. After all these years. So glad that worked out - Mickey's been dying to see her after I told him about her in DC. And she looks great after that huge hike in Wales. Much get that Through the Green Door book by Nigel something or other.

Chidu was here too - always a blast with him. Prabal was brought by Steven so who knows how my fashion project will go? Works for Cynthia Rowley he told me, to which I said, wot? who? Tickled him when I told him my dumplings dinner was because he was coming. Told S there'd be four queens at dinner but I think there may have been five. Six? Hehe... Tania came with Peter and Pascal. I wonder if we've priced the Appalshop benefit tix too high? Peter seemed to think so. Coffee on the St George rooftop after shortbread and berries-and-ice cream at T's afterwards. I was relieved not to run into Rich in the elevator!

H left early having to go back to Bronxville; Mickey and Chidu too, being called away on assignment - the downside, of many, of being close to political Pooh-Bahs. And T tells they ran into Peter riding the elevator up and down at the St George subway Hehe.

Time for my nap before Greg calls from Portland. This budget is killing me. How much money should I charge? Hmm. I meet up with Dee, Kathy and Roberto at Heddy's do tonight. She's sposed to be on NPR at 12? What happened? Was it yesterday? Missed it like I missed H's picnic at Bethesda Fountain?

Must get together with Hope privately. I like her ideas. Which prolly just means we have the same outlook. Ha!