Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Well here goes. Welcome me!

Wish I had kept my comments and stuff from my previous website. It would have been great to put it here. I guess I just have to start anew one as soon as I have time to relearn GoLIve. Remind me not to date a webdesigner again. Ha!

But I can do only one thing at a time; which is not usual given my multitasking ways. Each project is at that think-and-write stage.

Shot off a couple of emails to Gangtok - Hope L and Arthur (at least I hope that addy was Arthur's) - to get some figures.

My proposal for the film conferences is half done and I need to hunker down again. Dee vetted/gutted/proofread it. Who does she think she is, talking to me like that? But wow! what suggestions, what clarity. Its a better writeup now.

I don't know where Greg is (maybe Seattle? NAMAC?) and whether Sanjoy is back a base. Email makes it hard to remember where people are physically, especially the kinds of people I know.

But the ideas are shaping well. They are new and builds on the Appalachian experience in China.

OK I will make my posts more specific in a few. Never even kept a diary before, much less something lovers and other strangers can see. So I am not sure about the public/private thing. It will affect what I put up. Who reads other people's stuff anyway? But hey, Anne Frank wrote with publication in mind!

Anyhow, I am glad I am on as I propose a blogger site as part of the film/media coference. I should do as I say, no?

Today's Bobby's birthday. Won't wish him a happy as usual. I've got to clear the air with him.

Now how do I get pics on to this thing...