Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Went with Z to the Marisa Tomei reading at the Bruno Walter. Sophocles' Elektra was given a very contemporary anti-W twist during the discussion; perhaps too much. But hey it was for the Imagine04-RNC thing so. For the same reason didn't really say anything about the otherwise tiresome and banal East-West thing set up by the director. Of course B played it up - did he say dhammacracy?? Hahaha.

Anyway to say nonviolence as a social organizing principle in India, Tibet and Mongolia is understandable given his background as a monk. Yet as I was thinking re Ross Terrill's remarks about China and empire: no, not only is empire not only as Western concept, but also China is not the only Asian power with a taste of empire. My recent experiences in M lead me to think India (sorry B!) too has violent empire tendencies. Something there between size and entitlement - after all what good is it to have weight if you can't throw it around? Soldiers in I can shoot to kill citizens upon suspicion and the highest court upholds this. And look at Goa, Sikkim, Kashmir. No, the view from the other side is different. Didn't say anything to B - just told him he looked great in his leather jacket. Maybe I should get some leather things. I'm the right age now. LOL.

Yet, the discussion was about 04. I loathe W but I despise Kerry and the Dems. I asked Z if she thought Israel, US were rogue nations but didn't get any scintillation. Someone like Kerry, likes apart, can't lead a rogue nation: a hustler, street preacher, a movie star, an angry man... now there we have something. How I miss Dean. And Clinton. I think he and his ilk will be back in 08. After all a bland Kerry in the White House with a Republican majority in the Senate trying to deal with Iraq, deficit, unemployment, environment, Medicare.... He's just gotta want to be Pres so he cat tell his father and his grandchildren. No Dem in his right mind, with the usual party powerbase, could possible want this job. He will be tarred with the failures of Bush and lead to the right wing coming back in 09. Of course Dean would have been different, with his swarm powerbase. But I hope he will not be the Great Road Not Taken in my lifetime. Hopefully, he will an idea whose rime will come in the next few years.

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