Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Manuel says he can't believe I am actually getting a public program to show my home footage. I took that as a compliment.

But though I had tried to set it up with the folks at the Rubin Museum before I left, we never connected. They know so little about the region, they have no idea how little they know. Lisa actually smiled when I said noone was teaching Northeast india at any university nor had any museum made it a focus. I could only smile back when she suggested I check in with Gene their inhouse expert, as we had already talked.

So when Ralph suggested we expand the brown-bag lunch for the Rockefeller foundations into a public program, he had come to the same conclusion as I had. We just made it for arts professionals and boy, 100+ people showed up. Funders, Tibetologists, dance people, film folk, baseball fans. No academics. No Indians showed up inteerstingly.

The presentation yesterday was Rachel, Ralph, me, then Zette, Bonnie, Yoshiko and Mike. Cute that they all jockeyed for prime-time, so to speak. I would have too! They were all great.

Went well. Very well. I did PowerPoint, Zette did slides, as did Bonnie, Yoshiko her edited footage on DVD and, as piece de resistance, Mike showed the baseball trailer. Hot damn.

The first time a program on Manipur had been done at TAS. Went to a Burmese restaurant afterwarsd with TAS and Manipusri folks.

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