Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Harold Channer had me as a guest yesterday. Nice thing was, he has a wide-ranging and free-roaming mind. Fun to talk to. An hour or so, no hurries. I noted, to his pleasure, that his show was his take on New York and New Yorkers who interested him. So showed a clip from my WTC video, the baseball promo and pitched KhadiShop. Huckster that I am, I even wore a jacket. MNN is a nightmare of disorganization. The producer kept yelling and I am sure her impressive lungpower is somewhere on the soundtrack.

How did I feel about it? A few things:

One, I have a fat neck. Gotta do something about it. And I cock my head when I talk. I really must watch my TV/videotape appearances more often and get over this problem I have of watching myself. If it wasn't for watching the tape with Tom and Mike, I may not have seen the whole thing.

Next, Harold says, Your work is very political isn't it? Damn right it is, but nice to have someone like him see it.

And then, I botched up his question about my optimism for the future. I should have talked about my amazing friends doing amazing work. And the future as I see it in interconnectivity. But just as well, as I am getting to be a bore on the subject. In my defense, it was towards the end and I was a little eager to finish it. Talking for an hour is really quite a long time and the sound of my own voice was becoming grating.

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