Saturday, July 09, 2005


Mike, Richard Mirra and I went to the Bryan Adams' concert. Paired with Def Leppard, no less. Hoo hah.

Of course we thought there would be a ball game. The Cyclones rag was not very clear. And none of us knew that stadiums were where rockers played during the summer. Bryam Adams still looked hot and he must be my age. The first MTV generation. Had lots of dogs and Mirra looked great in her KhadiiShop shirt. The crowd was all Brooklynites, dating couples mostly. I was surprised how many of Brayan's songs I knew. Great ambiance. Perfect day.

Didn't stay for Def Leppard. Richard couldn't take the noise already, heavy metal would surely have done him in.

The last time I went, a few weeks earlier with Mike and Dick, I discovered Coney Island really is an island. The garrulous limo driver took us over a tiny bridge over some questionable body of water.

Mike had not been there in 50 years! Dick was so cool to get us tickets to the Cyclones game. Been wanting to go forever. And me, what with my infatuation with Brooklyn and all, I was always drawn more to the farm teams than to the major leagues for First Pitch.

The Cyclones were playiong the Cardinals. Both AAA. It was the 7th inning when we got there and we were on time. Some consternation until we learned it was the previous game, The proximity of the game and players was so refreshing after the huge stadiums. They have 900 seats compared to 56,000 at Shea. One raked level, one office building, two covered wings where all the hot dog stands were. Otherwise open skies and what Richard humorously calls Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower in the background.

Maybe some vernacular version of this for FP? I am dreaming...

The game kept getting washed out. But we had beer. And man, I got carded! I mean the sign said if one looked like under 30 one might get carded. But me? Flattering perhaps, but more like just a bored, young girl at the counter who didn't know any better.

We didn't stay for thw hole game but retired to another place for more bad fun food to talk about FP and then a long subway ride home.

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