Monday, July 18, 2005

LAINE and I had coffee at the former Le Gamin in Chelsea. She's lovely. And I like Cham too. Turns out she had not discussed the television project with her agent (Nellie's agent). But now she will - plus the feature idea. Nellie is important for that. She can package ideas very well as she did that time we met.

Told Laine I was very happy she is on the production team and we should draw up contracts. The relationship of FP the org and FP the film and the partners within is getting complex. I dont want to get screwed over. Vit had expressed his concern to Bonnie. Sweetheart that he is.

Anyway she thinks Richard can write a treatment as anyone else as long as we can say no. Good idea. Nice way of putting it. I told her I had asked my mother to keep her ears open for a good story. Of course I am happy with variations on any of the 36 plot lines in Hollywood, as the backdrop will take care of much.

Laine will talk to Night's friend. Seems they are both baseball fans. I gave her the lowdown on the political angle. Manipur must not be compromised.

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