Friday, October 15, 2004

21h 00 EST. On the way to Seoul. What that time is in Korea I am not sure; my recent adoption of the Euro way of writing times does not help.

I am writing my first PowerPoint presentation for the folks in Manipur. Too bad they won’t have the Internet connections for me to tweak my website I prepared for the American side. Just additional work, says the lazy side of me. But PP is fun to use.

So how do I feel about this whole venture I am flying into? T was perceptive and touching. I talk junk with him most of the time: dating, annoying friends etc. Went by to pick up that convoluted anti-Bush T-shirt he had made; as convoluted as his speech... hehe.

Anyway he things it is a job long overdue, bringing as it does two halves of me, two parts of my history, two cultures. And this from a guy I rarely talk work with so I was grateful he saw what it was I was trying to do. He thinks it is a good investment.

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