Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ragini and I went to Tabungkhok Village in Patsoi to look for Mike and my Field of Dreams. I was still wearing a pheijom for Pabung Deben’s son’s wedding. The dusk brought with it an almost full moon. It was lovely. The villagers may donate some land, our guide, a sports fanatic she knows, told us. Mike will like it I think.

I had her drop me off at the Gour Lila near Daoji’s. I don’t think I've ever seen one before. It was a hoot. The kids all in Krishna costume playing out anecdotes from the life of Nimai. The mothers, dressed in saris fake Brajabasi accents. "Bandar jao!" one admonished the monkeys.

Came back to a dinner I had organized to taste some of Imo’s cooking. We tried Chicken Chamthong, plain, simple, steamed chicken, tribal style. The food was not a success but the "sekmai" experiment went well. At least if one can call it that, for my considered conclusion was that adding fresh lime or lime and sugar like cachaca does not work. The hot sekmai will work, but chilled and straight up is best. Like sake. Dhiren, Biki, Joy agreed. I have to figure out the menu soon. Not sure how though.

But I have decided that I will make a modern Manipuri menu. I want all traditional dishes, taken a notch down for chili and fish-bones, but presented Western style. This means putting the meat or fish entrée in the center, rice relegated to a side starch dish, a few veggies, a traditional hot sambal type, and a cooked fruit as a native special touch.

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