Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This is the latest from B. I am enjying this immensely:

"I find it fascinating that both our peoples are (more often than not)
wrongly referred to as "Indians". There is something to that, it's not
a coincidence. Yes, a media conference would be wonderful. I'm very
interested in generating our own dialogue, there's been so much written
and said by others about my people especially (Northern Cheyennes are
the favorite of historians the world over). The connections between
indigenous peoples must be kept alive and nurtured by Indigenous
people, in a uniquely Indigenous way. But we have to discover what
that is by interactions that we control, we need others to help
facilitate our interactions, but folks who can place ego aside and
allow interactions to take place as they should. Anyway, yes, lets
move forward on this as a global interaction, I'm all ears. I'm fed
xing you 3 dvds today, you will get them tomorrow. Also, a paper I
published a few years ago that still rings true for me. Sorry, been
having some health problems lately (diagnosed as a hernia) and it has
slowed me down, but I'm taking care of it right away so I'll be good as
new in no time. Take care and have a great trip."

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