Sunday, October 17, 2004

Met up with Jeannie off the Skytrain stop. She hadn’t called because she had to check her brother into this AIDS hospice. It’s nice when people explain why they dropped the ball. No need to apologize, just an acknowledgment is sufficient.

Maybe well work on Malcolm’s films together. Maybe extend Alan’s project into a multiseries. Whatever. I think I will show my 9/11 tape at the Press Club in December. Wonder if they can handle NTSC.

Manuel and she got on great. She thinks she might rent a house from him in Chiangmai for R&R writing. I am getting more and more serious about living part of the year in Chiangmai. Though my preference would be Chiangrai. That I have not been to either matters not a whit. Home is New York and somewhere else, as that article in the NY Times last week said.

But this should become a locus of activity in the region that is more arts friendly than Bangkok. Right next to Yunnan, Manipur, Laos, the Golden Triangle, with flights in from Chittagong - well, what more could one ask for. Plus I do like the Thais. Manuel says their smiles are meant to keep you at bay and their anger is intimate. Bay or no bay, I like their smiles.

Nice dinner with Manuel at this place off Soi Cowboy. Wonder what the effect being America’s R&R for 30 years has had on Thailand?

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