Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Skwar is getting married. He came with the invitations himself, cute dimples and all. I haven’t seen him since he was like 3. I miss his dad. I’m sure he does too.

The wedding is in Heirangoithong. The women had to change into more festive wear after the white and pink funereal wear for Sanatomba’s memorial lunch.

We all walk in on the Nupa Pala. Give money to the mother, take our seats and then I start making my rounds of excuses as I have to leave early to set up Yoshiko’s performance tonight.

I run into Tamo Akhoy. He tells me Tamo Loken cannot meet Erin – again. First, his deep involvement with the Armed Forces Act talks with the Prime Minister. And now, a death in the family. Oy vey. More schedule change.

I take Yoshiko and Bonnie in to see the bride get dressed. The others can wait to see the real thing but we have to leave.

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