Monday, November 01, 2004

Damn. Looks like the Prime Minister is coming. I went over to Imphal Guest house in case we get bumped at Assam Rifles. They too say that as a government outfit they are forced to cancel and not honor reservations and there are only 21 functional rooms out of 60! But it was heartening to meet Diana. I really like her – with her there we can do things beyond the norm.

Scooted over to Nirmala Hotel. The place of choice here apparently, and, oh, how dismal it was! Reasonably clean though, but the bazaar environs are shockingly bad. They say it is safe but how could one enjoy that peace of mind when it is a by-product of armed soldiers swaggering around, drunk on petty power?

Made a second back-up reservation nonetheless. Gonna cost me.

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