Thursday, November 04, 2004

Three martial arts students from Hula showed up. They are relentlessly efficient, unlike all the other losers here. They think Erin should start on Saturday (= Thangja, the Day of the Sword). She will need a ritual then to ask Oja Debabrata to accept her as a student. I will need to get a bunch of bananas, a coconut, incense and a scarf. But the actual lessons will now start on Sunday with a one-on-one basics with mocha, one the guys who came. Group lessons from Monday. She will need a tracksuit, no shoes, a sash and a towel. I must remember to email her about this.

I bought her a nice yellow khudei for a sash from the women’s market. And we got 5 phaneks Ima wants to give the women as a present.

4 Nov

Michelle wants to do her dinner on Saturday, not Sunday. So I will have to move up the baking class as well. It drives me nuts that she has not emailed Zette what she wants or needs.

It will be fun to have Tamo Somo there. He says he knows all the theory but none of the practice of baking. He has a book he "forgot" to return to the Central Library, or so he says.

Worked on Michelle’s dinner menu:

Rou fish wrapped in turmeric leaves
Another fish dish – what??
Mustard greens with fermented soybeans
Steamed mixed vegetables
Ametpa or some standard chili-fish relish
Cooked lemons
Pastry from their cooking class

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