Friday, November 05, 2004

For some reason, maybe to unify the country, India has only one time zone despite its spread. Manipuris get up at 4, ring all sorts of temple bells, receive visitors by 6, do all their work by 9 and spend the rest of the day chewing kwa and gossiping. Bedtime is early which is just as well since there's nothing to do at night. Our videographer Teja says he can't ever make it to the 9 o'clock news. And I thought Zette was bad.

Erin, your thang-ta starts at 6. So bring an alarm clock, y'all.

ZETTE: Yay, a country of morning people!!   I am getting an official speaker's bureau slide presentation on the Newark Museum, with a script which of course I will improvise on and tweak for the audience.  It's about the whole museum collection so it should be interesting even to me.  It is supposed to last for about an hour, which should suit.  
It's grim here, I hope the first election you vote in goes better than this one.  

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