Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Can’t do an usop for Idhou Sanakhya. Now that would been 108 dishes and something to see when Inema Mangi is gone with it. So we will go with a memorial for cousin Sanatomba. Too bad I never got to see him grown up. Quite a stud in his leather jacket.

My aunt almost broke down talking about him. The idealist of the family gunned down by none other than my other cousin’s army. Not sure which separatist group Sanatomba belonged to; obviously not the UNLF. Must find out. Interesting where the lines fall with the old guard families when it comes to the secessionist forces.

I am happy I am doing this for Sanatomba. I had wanted that in the first place anyway.

Now, the tricky part – do we invite the drag queen from whose bed he was dragged out and killed?

Two other queens will come though. And two princesses. That’s enough. I love to see them together.

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