Monday, November 22, 2004


We drive to Luwangsangbam Village. The Border Security Force camp looms over the little farmhouse.

My cousin Usha receives us. We put down our things. I say hello to Pabungmacha and his farmer friend, the amazing Jugindro.

I am worried. Erin is running a temperature. But at least we have a doctor on hand. Dr. Usha, the farmer’s wife, gives her some pills and we put her to bed.

Then we walk over to Biki and Usha’s Reliance School. Zette, Bonnie, Yoshiko and I peek into the classes. They are full of bright young faces, all clean and happy-like. It seems unlikely they are like this merely for us. Biki is really a most capable fellow. I love the guy.

The kinds are as wide-eyed as Asian children can possible get. Tee hee. Their first white people I am sure. Wonder how they will tell their parents and friends. There aren’t really any words for white man.

They sing for us, clap their hands. Usha proudly points out the kids from the different tribes, the kids of Nepali ancestry. Multicultural. I am impressed. We hand out coloring pens, crayons, candy. Yoshiko videotapes from outside the window. She comes in and sings a Japanese nursery rhyme, patting the children’s little hands gently. Bonnie plays Head-Shoulders-Toes with the littlest ones. Ah the universal language of kids-games…

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