Thursday, November 25, 2004


We host. We cook. It’s the first Manipuri-American Thanksgiving Dinner.

The dining rooms looks smashing. IKEA tea-lights and all. Decorative turkeys on every table. Napkins too for a change! I seat them all, an American guest at every table.

I welcome all the hosts and talk about the turkeys, the mixed menu. Blah blah. Then Z tells us all about Thanksgiving. She’s a Good Pilgrim. But I would have added something about Pilgrims meeting Fake Indians once again. Tee hee.

And Imo’s cooked turkey is great! But the roast is dry and the turkey look all scrawny and Gandhian.


Clay-oven Roasted Turkey

Imo’s Stir-fried Turkey with Shallots
Imo-gi Turkey Meitei Til’houga Thongba

Rice stuffing with Cranberries and coconut
Meitei Pullao

Stove Top Stuffing

Curried Carp
Katla Ngaa thongba

Lentils seasoned with Vegetable Ash
Mang’gan Uti

Mung Beans

Tapioca with Sugarcane
Mangraa Hei’ngaan

Boiled Mustard Green Stalks
Hang’gaam Yelaa Cham’phut

Arrowhead Fritters
Koukha Bora

Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Wild Sour Apple Sauce
Heitup ambon

Sour Sougri Fruit Sauce
Silok Sougri Mahei Thongba

Chili Banana Palm with Fermented Fish
Laphu Iromba

Erin’s Hot Apple Cider

Zette and Michelle’s Apple Cinnamon Cake

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