Thursday, November 11, 2004

Much has happened since on this score.  In addition to my anxiety about keeping you in the Assam Rifles guest house in light of the rape and murder case against the Army that exploded last August, it looks like the Prime Minister is coming on the 21st. To talk about this case.  So there will be scores of army and other G-men coming in for this.  It also jeopardizes my alternate bookings at the Imphal Hotel which, being state-owned, has a nasty practice of bumping reservations when pooh-bahs show up unannounced. I don't think any of you would take too kindly to being asked to move out for a night or two because of the PM's visit.

So, since the hotels here are really not very good, I have decided to take up on the offer of the Deputy Chief Minister's offer to host you in his official quarters.  I am very pleased with this as this is much better than anything I had expected.  Security is excellent of course and you all get your own rooms. Les, you get your own bathroom and Mike, Bonnie and Yoshiko has two bathrooms between the three of you. You also have email there and Manipuri cable which you must watch. Your immediate contact there is Dave the Minister's younger son, whose short film will be shown at MoMA's Documentary Fortnight next February. So he is very excited at meeting all of you since you are all filmwallahs. He is 27 and claims to have whiskers.

Although Mr. Thoudam Deben, the Minister, has offered to host all of you, I have also decided to put up Zette and Erin at my mother's house. This is primarily because Erin's martial arts teacher is nearby and she has to be out of the house very early. And Zette is an early riser and we have temple bells in the wee hours because of Mangrati - some ritual this month I will tell you about later.  It will not be as comfortable as at the Minister's house but, on the other hand,  Z and E will meet our charming milkmaid in the mornings. I hope this is OK with the two of you, Z and E!

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