Friday, November 19, 2004


Dinner went well. Delicious. Les, Zette, Erin, Bonnie – all troop in and get the fish dish with the spiked chilies that the cook made for the locals. They seem to prefer it. He he.

We screen films after dinner. Manipuri and American films, natch. We huddle around little charcoal braziers in their hidden open-air sangoi in the garden.

I don’t remember who exactly, but some cry during REAL, Dave’s 10-minute film about people telling of their experiences with HIV. Zette tells him she remembers “We Shall Overcome” from her student days: “It is amazing how many different causes in so many different countries seem to have used this song. I am sure the problem of HIV will be overcome.” I am moved.

Les’ “Gap-Toothed Women” is a welcome freshener. Judith Helfand was right. There are gap-toothed women everywhere. They loved it.

Dave: Will you make a film on gap-toothed men?

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