Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Oh, Mike complained bitterly. Not to me but to Ragini, for saying we had to go to Tabungkhok at 7 in the morning to see our Field of Dreams. But she was a good sport about it and we set off with Pakpa. I told Mike his name means Flat.

Tabungkhok is a bit outside Imphal so we skirted our regulations somewhat I think. But after I had looked at this field some weeks ago with Ragini and Pakpa, I did check with fellow-Little Flower Chittaranjan and he seems to think it might be OK.

Too bad we didn’t get to Sagolband United sooner or we would have gotten the parking lot as well. That would have given us more than the 600 feet by 400 feet we have access to right now. Mike didn’t think the parking lot, and the field’s proximity to the national Highway, were a liability like I did. Pakpa also pointed out it was good for transportation. OK. I am sold.

The field is lovely. Mike loves it. I am happy. The little hillock that overlooks it could well be one of the stands and offices. It could well be a distinguishing feature of the field. I tell Pakpa the CRP camp in the distance will have to go. A gentle rain begins to fall.

We drive to the other field. Not so hot for Mike. OK by me.

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