Friday, November 05, 2004

Two kittens left with Naobi for Khangabok Village. Mother Imocha is distraught. I told Ima, I got an email reply from Zette and that she agreed taking the kitten to the US would make the local newspapers like the box turtle she found in her garage did. Z thought Zeyba wants a Birman kitten too (are they that? I suspect so.) But how? How how?

Ima wants me to tell Z the other two cuties know how to eat bread and can live in the US. Heehee.

The Minister is not picking up his cellphone. Looks like the status quo will persist – some guys have been bought. This is bad news. And Tamo Nara won’t be back till the 7th. He did get my message to bring me some baseballs. But, yknow, I just want them get over their politicking and pay attention to my accommodation woes, dammit.

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