Thursday, November 25, 2004


Play ball!

I can’t believe it is actually happening. Baseball in Manipur. The kids look good. The weather is perfect. Teja shows up in full baseball regalia. Nice to have a camerman in uniform.

Mike calls me over. Listen to this, she says. Dave sings “Take Me to the Ball-Game”! Apparently they downloaded the song and music. Dave will sing with Bonnie before the game. And so they do. A nice start. Charming..

We make sure it is all taped of course. Oh, and they have the baseball T-shorts I asked for!

Les pitches the first ball. He's got a pretty good arm it seems.

Mike and I set up some more interviews. Bhanu and Pakpa talk about their difficulties keeping the game alive. We must get this film made.

The burgers and coke lunch arrives. Ragini always delivers, in this instance in more ways than one. Too bad Imo couldn’t do it since he was too busy catering the whole car rally shebang. I had scheduled a Burger King lunch from the only Burger King in India. Oh well, we will have a Burger King Turkey Dinner. Must get a picture of his restaurant nonetheless.

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