Sunday, November 14, 2004

Talked to Zette, Bonnie and Les this morning at the Fairlawn today. Les got in the day before but sounded as groggy as Z and B, who had just got in, did. So happy happy they are here. It seems a bit more real now, this Field trip.

Pandeyji, the driver, was a hoot, according to Priti. He witheringly thanked Priti for finally telling him the two people he was picking up at Dum Dum today were women. As for Les, Priti asked Pandeyji what he looked like. He apparently said: Just like me, just taller. Heehee.

Z lost a suitcase. Seems that BA has a track record for this. Told her to call Milan and get him on the case. I worry my dried cranberries for Thanksgiving Dinner was in it. My mother wonders if her sweater was in it. Zette is happy to go shopping for new clothes and/or wear a sarong all the time here. Funny people we are.

Daughters Day today. Never realized how huge it is. Just like Christmas. Went shopping for gifts for Idomcha, Khambi and Naobi. Fish for lunch of course. I was supposed to cook but ducked out, painting Erin’s room upstairs. Hehe.

The girls came, all decked up, with the children in tow. I introduced Khambi’s boys to Frisbee. Sweet day.

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