Monday, November 22, 2004


I had checked out Gopal Pizza (pronounced locally as in the Leaning Tower of) after Tamo Nara and Tamo Chourjit suggested it. Not bad in a funky sort of way. Including that mural of Krishna doing a Monica on that cow. Ooh, I am bad. Thank God I am an atheist, as I said to Mike the other day.

Now I am back. I talk to Tamo Nara and suggest the Manipuri team wear traditonal garb, or some version thereof, at all international appearances.

We wait for Yoshiko and Bonnie. They are an hour late. They are pissed with me, I am pissed with them. Totally cool.

What’s not so cool is that Yoshiko is upset. Something is bothering her. Something is not quite right, not quite falling in place with her dancers. She tells me she is not interested in a product. Bonnie wisely lets her have her space. She knows Yoshiko well. I don’t know what to do.

The meal is blah. Lots of veggie dishes. Mikie likee koukha. She thinks we should have it at Thanksgiving. I make a mental note.

The server is unctuous but I like his hairstyle. Maybe I will also keep a little lock on my shaved head. I think they missed out on a Hare Krishna in that panel of aliens in Men in Black. You know the one with Dennis Rodman and Newt Gingrich as prominent aliens among us. They (the Hare Krishnas, not the aliens) are doing a lot of things I have been planning with my food presentations. I guess it just takes a Western eye.

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