Friday, November 19, 2004

Tour of Chorus Repertory Theater, Samusang

Les looks good in pumyat and pheijom. I heard someone say he looks like Jesus.

The women wore the phaneks by mother gave them yesterday. And the wraps they bought with Ranjana. There was some consternation that they had to keep their sarongs on all day. I lent Zette and Erin belts to keep them up. Leather, but I decided the god will understand.

Ratan’s staff was waiting. There were fishing-nets in the river. We walked through their open-air gallery, and looked at stills from their past productions. Erin is excited to see pictures from Longshanei, his production of Antigone. She says Manipur has had the largest number of productions of Antigone. Go figure. But with the armed rebellion in Manipur, is it any surprise that a story that posits the rightful rebellion to the established State authority should strike the imagination of its theater directors?

We had tea with Ratan and his Board Members. We go to his auditorium. Like any in New York. Better than most really. Mike and I sat and talked baseball. I noticed Les took to heart my remark and touched the stage and then his forehead before walking on it.

It is a wonderful place. Flowers bloomed everywhere in the perfect Fall weather.

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