Thursday, November 25, 2004


I am so pleased we can schedule Lancha’s films. We ran out of time last Sunday since Mr. Ken Burns took so long.

Tamo Somo came by. I am glad he can see the films at last.

The turkeys will take longer. The roasted one is looking good but terribly big for Imo’s clay oven. He doesn’t take to Madhur’s advice to deep-fry it. I guess he needs to do it his way. Plus, he has no idea who Madhur and he takes my “famous cook-book author” routine rather nonchalantly as befits the proprietor of India’s only Burger King.

More turkey-time means more films. So we start screening “Field of Dreams” that Mike has brought (he he – it’s a bit of an inside joke for us). Our “screening room” in the sangoi looks faaaabulous.

Erin makes some apple cider. It is amazing what the entire group has put into this Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey decorations, Stove-Top stuffing, turkey tablecloths, fall leaves, cranberries, what not.

I am really happy about this all.


THE DREAM (Ningthouja Lancha, Video, 2001, 27 min)
BUT IT NEVER RAINED (Ningthouja Lancha, Video, 2003, 39 min)
FIELD OF DREAMS (Phil Alden Robinson, 1989, 106 min)

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