Sunday, November 21, 2004


I had enjoyed the lunch I was invited to by the Mamikon filmmakers last summer. So I asked them to do another one. Cook by themselves and just hang and eat.

So there we are at Pabung Deben’s. The video and film projection are all set up. I am peeved that Iche Roma and Ta-Tomba have called in sick. After all, I got the projector to screen “Paokhum Ama” just so they could discuss it with the group. I say I think I may cancel it. I think I pissed off Eigya Sarat as he had taken a lot of trouble getting the print from his office on a holiday weekend. I can be such a drama queen.

We screen Eigya Syam’s “Orchids of Manipur.” Les thinks it is a pity is was not in its original 35mm. I remark that the soundtrack features Langathel Thoinu, who had regaled us with her coy flirtatious folk song our first evening.

I decide to screen one of Ken Burns films on baseball. Mike introduces. But the film goes on and on. Turns out “Our Game”, the first episode was two hours not one. I should’ve known better, Duh.

People drift off. Ken Burns can be such a snore even in the best of circs. People gather in the open air kitchen, one by one, Yoshiko takes over the stirring of the large wok of chicken from Sunzu. We start tasting, as we are getting ravenous. Zette even refuses me a taste from her plate. I’ll get back at her in New York.

Whew. Decide to stop dear old Ken. Have dinner instead. Some people have been sneaking drinks in desperation. What PBS will do to innocent folk the world over.

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