Thursday, November 18, 2004


Dave, Gope, Biki, Usha, Ranjana, Lancha, and Daoji stay on for dinner. It is a mess but the food is good. I realize the folks who work around here have no idea what a buffet is. I count spoons, plates, serving bowls. Iche Roma jumps in and gets more bowls and side plates. Nice but a mess nonetheless.


Fish Cakes
Ngaa Bora

Arrowhead fritters
Koukha Bora

Wild Sour Apple Sauce
Heitop Ambon

Gathered Wild Greens Rice
Uti Asangba

Fragrant White Rice baked in Bamboo
Utong-Chaak Chaahou Ang’ngouba

Fragrant Deep Purple Rice baked in Bamboo
Utong-Chaak Poireiton Chaahou Amuba

Yellow Lentils

Steamed Pumpkin
Mairen ang’ngaanba

Chili Mashed Potatoes with Fermented Fish

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