Wednesday, November 24, 2004


The dancers emerge dimly from a corner in the mantop. They are dancing the shaman Weavers dance we had seen in demonstration and in weaving earlier today.

They are illuminated, first one then another, first one part of their bodies, then another as they break into Yoshiko’s projection of her Japan 2002 on the mantop walls. I think of Tanizaki’s essay “In Praise of Shadows” as I marvel at the elusive, dark beauty. But how did the editing rhythm of the piece synchronize so well with the dancers?

Yoshiko breaks in for the second part. She makes it to the deep corners of the stage. I like how she looks framed by the multiple frames of the Mondrian-like pink squares of the mantop walls. She dances among the seated musicians. The crowd, - like maybe 60 strong?- laughs delightedly. I time it all: the drumming cycle is indeed 10 minutes long.

They have added more hand clapping to the Mao tribal dance. It works I think, I must ask Yoshiko what she thinks.

Mike suggests I tell people there is a film to follow so they do not leave. Good idea.

I see Yoshiko donning a white Kabuki-like wig for her last appearance.

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